The Mrs. Sucrée Ultimate Spinach Quiche

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche! This is the quiche I have been making for 4 years now! I’ve been using a shortcrust pastry for the base since I started and kept adjusting the filling every time I thought of a new combo. This one is the winner. The richness from the egg yolks & heavy cream, the warmth from the nutmeg, and then the perfect combo of spinach, mushrooms, turkey & onions… It’s the only quiche I’ll ever need in my life.

Snickerdoodle Cookies!

The warmth from the cinnamon and the chewiness from the sugar make these one of my favorite types of cookies. The fact that it takes 5 minutes to make before baking them in the oven helps as well 😉

Bûche de Noël Mousse Chocolat

Growing up, my favorite Christmas tradition was having a piece of Yule log or Bûche de Noël every morning for Breakfast for at least a week after Christmas. Now my favorite tradition is making one. This year’s bûche, I wanted it different from the regular buttercream filling. I use a cheat chocolate mousse that doesn’t require eggs or gelatin. Super easy to make, light, and amazingly good bûche!

Hot Chocolate Bombs!

They’re all the rage this year, and frankly, they’re worth it! Spheres of decadent chocolate filled with cocoa, powdered milk and marshmallows. Can you resist them? Here’s how I make them.

Homemade TWIX

These homemade millionaire shortbreads reminded me of one of my favorite chocolate bars to have: TWIX! They take less than an hour to make and are dangerously delicious and comforting. Who’s ready to try these!

Step-by-Step Roadmap for a Strong Sourdough Starter

Before commercial yeast became available, bakers used sourdough, or natural levain, to make bread. This skill has declined afterwards due to the convenience of using instant yeast, and flavor was sacrificed. However, these past few months, sourdough has become the latest rage in the amateur bread makers’ world, and I was definitely not the exception. Sourdough rises naturally by airborne yeast. It’s the oldest style of leavened bread and dates from 5000 years ago. It can result in a crusty flavorful loaf of bread and it is truly the perfect combination of art and science. I am by no means an expert but this is how I made my starter, after weeks of research and several books read. Once you have an active starter, usually takes AT LEAST 7-14 days, you can easily start using it to make the most delicious and sour breads. Use this guide is a stepping stone, and I highly recommend you read the book Tartine Bread and check out renowned bakers YouTube channels to learn more about about sourdough starters and sourdough breads. I hope this helps!

Easy One-Bowl Banana Bread

I don’t think anyone hasn’t played around with a banana bread recipe during this quarantine! Here’s an easy recipe that I optimized and that is bound to please everyone. Make sure you use overripe bananas and don’t skip the spices and the yoghurt!

Pain au Lait Rolls (Tangzhong Method option)

Milk as an ingredient makes bread soft and adds a bit of sweetness to it. The recipe I am sharing with you has approaches. One which includes the Asian Tangzhong method of preparing a roux to make even softer rolls. The second one doesn’t. Both are super easy and end up giving you the most delicious and soft rolls ever! You can keep them plain and enjoy them with some Labneh or as a ham and cheese sandwich. Or you can add some chocolate chips to the dough. Your pick!


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